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Quantum Utilities Limited (QUL) is an established business specialising in utilities management services to public and private sector clients. Our particular focus is in the area of water (potable and non-potable), wastewater or sewerage, and general safety and environmental services.

Quantum Utilities - Water and wastewater treatmentOur region of focus is Africa, with a particular focus on Nigeria, being the most populous country in Africa. A relatively young company which has already gained a good reputation for its expertise, professionalism and "can do' "will do" ethos.

We offer bespoke solutions for the treatment and reticulation of water and wastewater. Our asset experience ranges from treatment plants, pumping station, storage tanks/reservoirs, underground network and telemetry monitoring systems. Health and Safety is at the heart of everything we do and we will not compromise this, as people welfare is core to our values.

Where required, we take on responsibility for achieving our client's efficiency targets through operations and maintenance management contract, including recommendation on capital project and programmes.

As part of Quantum Utilities Limited's core principle of active improvement in the utilities sector performance in West Africa, a key aspect of achieving empowerment of indigenous companies is through technology transfer by best practice training, delivered by industry experts and qualified training consultants; this is another aspect of what the company provides.


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